Using transaction logging for recovery

Transaction logging is an integral part of recovering from system and media failures. Using transaction logging provides insurance against system failure, but creating regular backups is essential so that you can recover data after a failure.

System failure recovery

About this task

A system failure causes the server to stop and requires you to restart the server. During restart, Domino® automatically performs database recovery. The system uses the transaction logs to apply full transactions and undo partial transactions that were not written to disk for databases that were open during the system failure. Domino® runs the Fixup task for corrupted databases, if you choose Yes for Auto fixup of corrupt databases in the Server document and transaction logging is disabled for the database.

When you restart a server after a system failure, Domino® automatically restores the affected databases.

Media failure recovery

About this task

A media failure causes databases to be damaged or lost. To recover, you use the third-party backup utility to restore database backups and transactions from the transaction log files. The backup utility you choose must use the backup and recovery methods of the Domino® C API Toolkit.

For information on recovering after a media failure, see the documentation included with your backup utility.