Setting a time window for DAOS resynchronization

The Domino® administrator can specify when Domino® Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) resynchronization should run on a server, so that peak production hours can be avoided.

About this task

If you do not want to schedule a specific time for resynchronization by using a Program document (see the related information for a wiki article on how to do that), you can set up a time window to specify whether or not resynchronization may run at a given time, and also tell it to stop at a specified stop time. For more details, see the time window technote under related information.


  1. On the Domino® server where DAOS is enabled, edit the NOTES.INI file.
  2. Add the following parameters and values. The format of the time is as follows: HH:MM:SS AM/PM.
    For example: