Managing the attachment storage repository

On a Domino® server, as the Domino® Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) repository grows to accommodate a greater number of attachments, multiple subdirectories are automatically created on the DAOS base path to balance the data load. You can move or store the repository and its data.

Before you begin

Back up all data in the DAOS repository before moving it.

About this task

Note: There is never any need to modify, move, or delete subdirectories within the repository (by default, notesdatadirectory/DAOS) directory or to modify the .NLO files within them.

If the amount of additional space on the current disk is limited, you can move the repository directory to a separate disk that has more space. Also, if the directory is on a separate drive and becomes corrupted due to a server problem, you can specify a new DAOS base path in a new location (for example on a different separate drive) and restore the contents of the directory from a backup.

Note: It takes a longer time to move the repository to a separate physical drive than to a different directory on the same drive, so plan accordingly.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab and then expand the Server section.
  2. Select the Server document to be edited and then click Edit Server.
  3. Click the DAOS tab.
  4. In the DAOS base path field, specify the new location for the directory. Save the Server document.
  5. Stop the Domino® server and all associated processes (for example, fixup, compact, or backups).
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To move the DAOS repository directory, create the new directory in the new location, and use your operating system to copy the entire contents of the existing notesdatadirectory/DAOS directory to it.
    • To restore the DAOS repository directory, from your backup file, copy the backed-up contents of the notesdatadirectory/DAOS directory to the new file location.
  7. Update the value of DAOSBasePath if that setting appears in the server's NOTES.INI file.
  8. Edit the daos.cfg file and update the value of the PATH field to match the new location of the repository.
    The PATH statement appears in the file somewhere around line 35; it is the only occurrence of the term PATH in the data section of the file. For example, it may appear on a line like this:
    <CONTAINER ID="9C92854208308CB78525788500701A69" PATH="c:\daos\" DESC="" STATE="1" FILECOUNT="23" MAXBYTES="-1" BYTECOUNT="0" LASTMODIFIED="04/25/2011 16:41:05" INDOUBT="0" LASTSCANNED="05/03/2011 16:24:27">
  9. Restart the machine on which the Domino® server is running, and then restart the server.