Object copy optimization for DAOS

The Notes® client recognizes that DAOS is enabled on the Domino® server, and DAOS is able to improve connection speed by refraining from transmitting unnecessary copies of attachments between clients and DAOS-enabled servers.

When a user replies to or forwards a message/document containing an attachment large enough to qualify for DAOS, or when such documents are replicated – on either clustered or non-clustered servers – DAOS transmits only the much smaller "ticket" (reference) to the attachment instead of the full file. Overall, the savings in network traffic is significant. The process that improves the transmission speed is called object copy optimization.

Note: Optimization of DAOS object copying works only when all requirements for DAOS enablement, such as the current level of ODS, are met on every participating server. In addition, local databases and MAIL.BOX files must be at the current ODS level. If your organization is using the autosave feature, you must manually update your autosave databases to the current ODS level.

Object copy optimization occurs by default whenever DAOS is enabled, and requires no configuration. The optimization, like DAOS itself, is completely transparent to users who see nothing different except faster performance. Whenever Domino® encounters an object where conditions are not met, it merely reverts to transmitting the object's full file.

Several DAOS statistics provide information about this optimization.