Searching and viewing the Domino® server log file (LOG.NSF)

The log file (LOG.NSF) contains a wealth of information for the Domino® Administrator. However, if you are troubleshooting a problem, searching through all of the information can be time consuming. Using the Log Analysis tool, you can search the log file for specific events, event severities, or for specific words, and you can specify the dates you want to search. For example, if you are troubleshooting a mail routing problem, you can search for routing events with an event severity of warning or failure that occurred during the time you were experiencing difficulties.

About this task

When you perform a log analysis, the search results display automatically and are also saved in the Log Analysis Results view of the log file (log.nsf). They include the following types of information:

  • Status of the event, displayed as an icon
  • Type of event
  • Severity of the event
  • Time the event occurred
  • A description of the event

Search strings can be any length containing any type of character and the search is not case sensitive.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Analysis tab.
  2. Click Analyze, and then click Log.
  3. In the Log Analysis dialog box, create a search query by specifying search criteria such as event type and severity, complete the query, and view the result, as described in the following steps.