Recording additional information in the log file

In addition to controlling the size of the log file using NOTES.INI settings, you can use the following settings, fields, and commands to specify additional information and establish logging levels for the log file.

Note: Support for dialup modem (X.PC) connections is not available on Domino® 8.5 and later servers.
Table 1. Ways to record additional information

To record information about

Setting, field, or command

Mail routing

Logging level field on the Router/SMTP > Advanced > Controls tab of the Configuration Settings document.

Modem I/O

File > Preferences > User Preferences > Ports > COMx > Trace

File > Preferences > User Preferences > Ports > COMx > Trace

Modem script I/0

File > Tools > Preferences > Notes Preferences > Ports > COMx > Trace > Options

Traced network connections

Set a com port option in the Port Setup dialog box.

Web Navigator

The Retriever log level field on the Server TasksWeb Retriever tab of the Server document.

Web server

Additional information regarding the Web server is logged in the Domino® Web server log (DOMLOG.NSF).