Configuring traps for NetView® for AIX®

If you are using NetView® for IBM® AIX® as your management platform and using the Domino® SNMP Agent to forward Domino® events, you can make these events more readable.


  1. Copy the trap configuration script,, to your management workstation. This file can be found in the Domino® executable directory of any Domino® 7 or later server.
  2. Stop the NetView® demons. Enter this command:
  3. Start the NetView® demon trapd. Enter this command:
    ovstart trapd

    Having traps running causes traps to be updated as the script runs. See the NetView® trapd man pages for more details.

  4. As root, run the trap configuration script,, that you copied in step 1. Enter this command:

    You receive a message for each trap added.

  5. Restart NetView®. Enter this command:


Note: To remove these traps, log in as root, and run:
removetrap -n "Notes®"

Upon completion, you receive the message Enterprise has been removed.