About the Domino® Management Information Base (MIB)

The Domino® Management Information Base (MIB) covers only the Domino® server and not any other IBM® or third-party server add-ins.

The branch (object ID) is named:


and is numbered

The main branches in numeric order are as follows:

  • lnInfo -- Information about the server provided by the QuerySet server add-in task. This includes values and sub-branches. The main sub-branch is lnStats, which contains the Domino® statistics organized into sub-branches that mirror the Domino® statistics branches. For example, the Server.* Domino® statistics are in the lnServer sub-branch. Comments with these objects, beginning with the string "--<<", indicate which Domino® statistic an object is derived from.
  • lnControl -- Values provided by LNSNMP including those monitoring and controlling the server.
  • lnInterceptor -- An internal branch relating to the Event Interceptor add-in task.
  • lnUnix -- An internal branch that supports for NetView® for IBM® AIX®.
  • lnMPAInfo -- A branch with one value provided by LNSNMP that gives the version of the Domino® SNMP Agent.
Note: Some Domino® statistics are in floating-point format. SNMP version 1 does not support floating-point numbers, truncating these statistics to integers.