Troubleshooting the Domino® SNMP Agent

SNMP agent troubleshooting tips are presented here.

Check Server Tasks

If an Agent function is not working, first check that the QuerySet Handler and Event Interceptor server add-in tasks are running by using the Show Tasks command on the Domino® console. You can do this remotely if you are authorized. If neither task is running, then the SNMP Agent will report that the server is down.

Check MIB Values using the SNMP Management Station

Query the MIB remotely to determine which components are up and running. There are three components in the SNMP architecture for MIB variables:

  • The platform-specific Master SNMP Agent
  • The Domino® SNMP Agent
  • The QuerySet Handler

Each can respond to MIB requests. You can test them together or sequentially to determine which pieces are responding. You should use the community name configured into your Master SNMP Agent.

Test the:

  • Base system MIB variable, for example, (., to determine if the platform's SNMP Agent is working and to find out which version of the platform-specific Master SNMP Agent is running.

    If this fails, you can (ICMP) ping the server to determine if TCP/IP is responding. If TCP/IP is running, check the community name used by the server's Master SNMP Agent. If you cannot verify the community name, try the "public" community name.

    Refer to your SNMP management software documentation for specific instructions.

  • MIB variable to determine if the Domino® SNMP Agent is working, for example, (., which indicates the version of the Domino® SNMP Agent.

    QuerySet sends a "heartbeat" to the Domino® SNMP Agent every few seconds. If the Domino® SNMP Agent is not running, you will receive the following message for each failed heartbeat at the Domino® server console:

    Domino SNMP Agent is not available.

    The message stops if you start the agent or tell the QuerySet Handler to quit running.

  • MIB variable to determine if the QuerySet Handler is working, for example, (., which indicates the version of the QuerySet Handler.

If the other variables are successful, but the QuerySet Handler is not responding, verify that the task is running using the Show Tasks command on the Domino® console. You can perform this test remotely if you are authorized, or you can open a database, such as the Domino® Directory, with the Notes® client to verify the server is running.

CAUTION: Every 30 seconds, the Domino® SNMP Agent tests whether the QuerySet Handler is responding. If this test fails, the following Warning trap is generated: Domino Server pulse has failed. This is usually a temporary problem because the server is overloaded. If the condition lasts 5 cycles, however, the following Critical trap is generated: Domino Server is not responding. If this occurs, the server might have crashed or hung. In either case, while it is occurring you will not be able to query the Domino® MIB. When the pulse returns, you will receive a canceling trap message that the server pulse is restored.