Installing Domino language packs silently

To install language packs silently, the language pack installer refers to the file LPSilent.ini for the install parameters that you otherwise provide through prompts during a GUI or console install.

Before you begin

Create a LPSilent.ini file. If you want to avoid the need to create one from scratch, you can run the language pack installer from the GUI or console on one Domino server. The installation creates an LPSilent.ini file in the program directory that captures the installation parameters specified during the GUI or console install. You can then use that LPSilent.ini file to install silently on other servers, customizing if needed.

Read about LPSilent.ini file settings.


The following table describes the command to install language packs silently on each Domino platform:
Note: The commands shown in the following table include a path to the LPSilent.ini file. If you omit this path, the installer looks for the file in the language pack installer directory.
Table 1. Running language pack installer silently by platform
Platform Command
Linux Silent Installer

./LNXDomLP -i silent -DSILENT_INI_PATH="<fullpath>/LPSilent.ini"

For example: ./LNXDomLP -i silent -DSILENT_INI_PATH="/opt/hcl/domino/LPSilent.ini"

AIX Silent Installer

./AIXDomLP LAX_VM <JREPATH>/bin/java -i silent -DSILENT_INI_PATH="<fullpath>/LPSilent.ini"

For example: ./AIXDomLP LAX_VM /usr/java8_64/jre/bin/java -i silent -DSILENT_INI_PATH="/opt/hcl/domino/LPSilent.ini"

Windows Silent Installer

WINDomLP.EXE -i silent -DSILENT_INI_PATH="<fullpath>/LPSilent.ini"

For example: DomLP_W64.EXE -i silent -DSILENT_INI_PATH="C:\Program Files\HCL\Domino\LPSilent.ini"

IBM i Silent Installer for Windows

iSeriesDomLP.bat -i silent -DSILENT_INI_PATH="<fullpath>/LPSilent.ini>"

For example:DomLP_iSeries.EXE -i silent -DSILENT_INI_PATH="C:\tmp\LPSilent.ini"

Note: On Linux and AIX, log on as the UNIX root user to install the language pack.