Changing transaction logging settings

You can change the transaction logging settings by editing the Server document.


  1. Perform a full backup of all databases.
  2. Open the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab, and open the Server document.
  3. Click Edit Server.
  4. Click the Transactional Logging tab and change the fields you want, taking into consideration the issues in the following table:
    Table 1. Fields on the Transactional Logging tab



    Transactional Logging

    Consider carefully before you disable transaction logging. If you do not use transaction logging, you should back up your databases daily. You will also need Fixup to recover from media failure. When you restart the server, Domino® runs restart recovery a final time to ensure that all databases are consistent. Then it disables transaction logging.

    Log path

    If you edit the log path, save this document, then you must stop the server and use the operating system to move the existing log files to the new path.

    Use all available space on log device

    If you change only this field, you do not need to restart the server. As Domino® logs the transactions, the changes take effect.

    Logging style

    If you change the logging style, you must perform a full backup of all databases because Domino® assigns new DBIIDs to all the databases.

  5. Click Save & Close.
  6. Restart the server so that the settings take effect.