Controlling the size of the log file

By default, the log file (LOG.NSF) records information about the Domino® system.

Because the log file can become quite large, it is important to manage its size. You can control the size of the log file automatically, using NOTES.INI settings, user preferences, and other settings. For example, the Log setting in the NOTES.INI file determines how long documents are maintained before being deleted from the log file. By default, documents are deleted after 7 days.

If you are troubleshooting a system problem, you may want to record additional information in the log file. The log file becomes large quickly when you set a higher logging level for purposes of analyzing a system problem. For example, if you are troubleshooting a mail routing problem, you can set the logging level to verbose. When you do, the log file will contain a large amount of information regarding that activity. If you set a high logging level during troubleshooting, remember to reset the logging level after you solve the problem.

CAUTION: Leaving the logging level set to verbose can degrade server performance over time.