Administration features

Domino 12.0.2 provides the following enhancements related to administering.

Database management

Domino Restyle
With Domino Restyle, you can update a Notes application's UI elements with a color-coordinated, cleaner look and feel. With Restyle, only UI elements are updated; no code is modified. To access the Restyle option, select File > Application > Restyle for a selected application or workspace icon.
Note: Designer access to the application is required to use Restyle.
For more information, see Domino Restyle for Notes applications in the HCL Notes documentation.
Snapshot backups with Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) writer
Domino now provides a native Windows VSS writer for snapshot backups for use with the Domino backup and restore. VSS writers are designed for application-aware VSS snapshots. For more information, see Snapshot backups with Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) writer.
Full-text indexing improvements
Automatic ODS upgrade on Notes clients
When you upgrade a Notes client, databases in the data directory are now upgraded to the latest on-disk structure (ODS) file format. Upgrading to the latest ODS file format provides performance and other improvements. If you upgrade to Notes 12.0.2, all databases in the data directory are upgraded to ODS 55.
  • Currently, the automatic ODS upgrade occurs on Notes clients only.
  • The automatic upgrade supercedes any notes.ini settings configured to control ODS format.
  • Although not recommended, you can use the notes.ini setting NSF_AlwaysUpdateODS=0 before you start the upgraded client to prevent the automatic ODS upgrade.
For more information, see Domino on-disk structure (ODS).
View rebuild improvements
Faster building or rebuilding of views is now on by default in Domino 12.0.2. For applications with large views (containing millions of documents) and running on bare metal hardware, rebuild improvements are in the order of 5-10% less time. Note that these improvements might not be seen on all applications.
Use Server document to move view indexes out of database
A new tab in the Server document, NIFNSF, allows you to configure moving database view indexes out of databases. Previously, you configured this feature through server notes.ini settings. The Domino server on which you enable the feature requires the Domino 12.0.2 pubnames.ntf design. For more information, see Moving view indexes out of databases
A new server task, DAOS Encryption Manager (daosencmgr), can be used to ensure DAOS objects on an HCL Domino server use a consistent encryption key and key strength. For more information, see Making DAOS object encryption keys consistent.

Server monitoring

Smart Server Startup updates
Introduced in a previous drop, the feature called Smart Server Startup prevents users from connecting to a Domino server until it is fully up and ready to accept user requests. For example, if a server crashes, Smart Server Startup allows users to connect to it only after the server has fully recovered. For updated information, see Monitoring Smart Server Startup.
Entitlement tracking enhancements
Information stored in the entitlement tracker database now includes the last date/time that a user authenticated with a tracked server and what protocol that user connected to the server with. See Entitlement tracking for an example.

Administration tools

Group view includes the briefcase icon
The briefcase icon now shows for groups that are synched with the Domino Directory:
Briefcase icon beside a group named Important People

Keymgmt Show command enhancement
You can now use the ALL argument with the keymgmt show nek command to show all named encryption keys in a server ID file.
keymgmt show nek ALL
For more information, see Keymgmt Show.