Installation features

Domino 12.0.2 provides the following new features enhancements to aid in planning and installing.

One-touch Domino setup updates

The Domino Administrator now provides a tool to validate that a JSON configuration file used for one-touch Domino setup has valid JSON and complies with the one-touch Domino setup schema. See Validating a JSON file in advance with the Domino Administrator.

Other enhancements:
  • You can now set users' internet passwords when registering new users.
  • The first server configured now automatically creates certstore.nsf and adds CertMgr to the ServerTasks notes.ini variable. Additional servers now automatically create a replica of certstore.nsf from the first server.
  • MicroCA certificates for the server controller and server console are now created by default. You can disable this using the new input properties createControllerCert and createConsoleCert.

    See Preparing input parameters in a JSON file.

Enhanced Domino Container image

The Domino Docker image is based on the HCL Domino Container open source project built on top of a Redhat UBI 8.6 base. The new container supports additional functionality including enhanced run-time operations using a well known Domino on Linux start script from the community.

The HCL Domino on Docker documentation provides information about standard functionality. Additional functionality is documented in a HCL community GitHub project (

The container image is supported to run on the current Docker Desktop and Server, Podman, and Kubernetes environments.

Intermediate containers are no longer required for run-time, update, or maintenance operations. Existing data volumes are automatically migrated when running with the container image.

Ability to disallow dots (.) and underscores (_) in Domino server names

Use the notes.ini setting ADMIN_IGNORE_NEW_SERVERNAMING_CONVENTION=0 on a Domino server to prevent it from allowing dots (.) and underscores (_) in Domino server names. By default, these characters are allowed.

For example, ADMIN_IGNORE_NEW_SERVERNAMING_CONVENTION=0 prevents the use of a Domino server name such as Mail_South.3\Renovations.

For more information, see Domino naming requirements.