Components no longer included in this release

The following components are no longer included in Domino 12.

Components no longer included as of 12.0.2

  • The "NetBIOS (NetWare, LAN Manager, etc)" network type option is removed from HCL Notes® client setup.
  • The Domino Active Directory synchronization tool provided in early Domino releases is no longer included. The two associated dll files, nadsync.dll and nadreg.dll, are no longer installed. The Directory Sync tool introduced in Domino 11 is the recommended alternative.
  • The Internet Cluster Manager (ICM) is removed from Domino 12.0.2. Note that if you are upgrading to 12.0.2 from an earlier release, the upgrade process will remove files related to ICM from the existing server.
  • The following tasks that were displayed in the New Server Task window and list of tasks that can monitored are removed from the Domino Administrator client:
    • cc:Mail MTA
    • Cluster Administration Process (R4/R5 only)
    • Fax Server
    • Mail Reflector Agent (R4/R5 only)
    • Object Store Manager (=SharedMail)
    • Reporter (R4 only)
    • SMTP/MIME MTA (R4 only)
    • All X.400 MTA tasks

Components no longer included as of 12.0.1

  • The IBM WebSphere plugin is no longer provided with HCL Domino® and the notes.ini setting HTTPEnableConnectorHeaders is obsolete. These were used by authentication proxies.

Components no longer included as of 12.0

  • Notes Client Single Logon. This feature, which synchronized Notes and Windows passwords, is no longer available and has been removed as an HCL Notes® client install option. Note that this is a different feature than Notes shared login, which continues to be supported.
  • The Notes preloader is no longer included with the Notes install kit.
  • The Web Administrator template, webadmin.ntf, is no longer included with Domino.
  • The Notes 8 theme in the Notes client is deprecated. If you currently use it, after you upgrade to Notes 12, the Notes 11 theme is used.