Monitoring Smart Server Startup

With Smart Server Startup, users are prevented from connecting to a Domino server until it is fully up and ready to accept user requests. For example, during startup of the Domino server after a crash, users can connect to the Domino server only after the server has fully recovered.

When possible, messages from Smart Server use LogEvent. While the amount of logging that is on by default is kept to a minimum, if Smart Server Startup is waiting on a gating program "by default," it logs every 6 seconds so that the administrator is aware that it is waiting on something to complete.

The sh serv command shows the status of Smart Server -- either Enabled or Not Enabled is displayed.

Enabling debug output

QOS (Quality of Service) and Smart Server Startup share the same notes.ini variable (debug_qos) to enable debug output. This variable enables different debug output based on the value of the bit setting. Valid values are as follows:

General QOS debug is enabled
Debug is enabled for gating-related activities in QOS and Smart Server
General Smart Server debug is enabled
Verbose debug is enabled for any debug that is enabled, if that debug supports it

Although the above values are in Hex, the ini variable is an integer, so as an example, setting debug_qos=264 sets the bits for Smart Server Debug (0x8) and Verbose mode (0x100).

Other notes.ini settings

Use the following notes.ini variables to adjust Smart Server Startup behaviors or to disable the feature:

Controls the maximum time to wait for gating addins to complete in units of 100 ms. The default value setting is 6000 (wait up to 10 minutes), and the maximum value is 36000 (wait up to 60 minutes).
Controls the time the server will wait on spawned addins to properly start up, in units of seconds. The default value is 300 (5 minutes) and the maximum value is 432000 (because the code involved makes a call to check on gating addins twice and that code can block for up to 10 minutes on each call, the total wait time can be up to 25 minutes).
To disable the Smart Server Startup feature, set the variable DisableSmartServer=1. When this notes.ini is set and Smart Server is disabled, you see the following message in the server console during server startup:

[068201:000002-00007F07C082D740] 08/08/2022 11:46:34 AM Smart Server Startup is Disabled

Note: This feature does not require you to enable QOS despite that it uses the same notes.ini debug setting.