Monitoring the Domino® system

You can monitor system activity and platform use using the Domino® Administrator or the server console.

The Domino® Administrator includes these system-monitoring tools that you use to configure, view, and track the Domino® system:

  • Monitoring databases -- Store monitoring documents, information, and results. The Monitoring Configuration database (EVENTS4.NSF) stores the documents you use to set up monitoring. It also includes information about statistics, statistic thresholds, and event messages. The Monitoring Results database (STATREP.NSF) stores the gathered statistics reports and can be configured to store information about logged events. The log file (LOG.NSF) stores the server's log documents.
  • Monitoring Configuration documents -- Define and configure what constitutes an event, and how the event is handled. Also allow you to customize the messages that appear on the console when an event occurs.
  • Server tasks -- Collect and record information about the Domino® system. The Shutdown Monitor task ensures that Domino® terminates when requested to do so. The Process Monitor task applies only to Domino® on Microsoft Windows platforms, and monitors the processes that should be running in the Domino® server environment. The Event Monitor task determines if an Event Handler has been configured for the event, and if so, routes the event to the specified person, database, or server-management program for processing. The Statistic collector task gathers Domino® server statistics and creates statistics reports in the Monitoring Results database (STATREP.NSF) or to another database you can specify. The ISpy task executes TCP server and mail-routing event generators.
  • Statistics -- Domino® gathers statistics that show the status of processes currently running on the system -- for example, the statistic Free space on drive C indicates the amount of free space available on drive C. You use these statistics along with the predetermined statistics thresholds to monitor both your Domino® system and platform statistics.
  • Domino® server monitor -- Provides a visual representation of the status of the servers you are monitoring.