Showing inline indexing statistics

Use the show stat database.inline* console command to show statistics about inline indexing on a server.

About this task

The command shows the following statistics.

Table 1. show stat database.inline* statistics
Statistic Description
Database.InlineIndex.ByDesignExpired By Design views that are expired
Database.InlineIndex.Cleared Cleared disabled collections
Database.InlineIndex.Deletes Note deletes
Database.InlineIndex.Disabled Disabled indexes
Database.InlineIndex.DisabledTotal Total disabled indexes
Database.InlineIndex.Enabled Enabled indexes
Database.InlineIndex.EnabledTotal Total enabled indexes
Database.InlineIndex.Error Errors processing during inline indexing
Database.InlineIndex.Inserts Note inserts
Database.InlineIndex.OnDemandExpired On Demand views that are expired
Database.InlineIndex.Rebuilds Index rebuilds during inline indexing
Database.InlineIndex.Synchonizations Index synchronizations
Database.InlineIndex.Updates Note updates
Database.InlineIndex.UserTrans User transactions hit during inline indexing