DAOS tier 2 storage

Starting in Domino 11, the Domino Attachment Object Service (DAOS) tier 2 storage feature enables you to use an S3-compatible storage service to store older attachment objects that haven't been accessed within a specified number of days. This feature allows you to reduce the amount of data stored on Domino® servers that use DAOS. It can also improve the performance of any incremental file backups that you do for DAOS.

An S3-compatible storage service uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) API. The following S3-compatible storage services are tested and supported:
  • AWS S3
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • MinIO
  • OVHcloud

The DAOSmgr task moves older attachment objects from a Domino server (tier 1) to a specified location in the storage service (tier 2). Objects are pushed to the S3 object store opportunistically by background threads.

Because DAOS objects "age" independently across servers according to when they are last accessed on each server, one attachment object can be in tier 1 on some servers and tier 2 on others.

Starting with Domino 12, you can create encryption keys that are shared across participating DAOS servers. When shared keys are used, each unique DAOS attachment object resolves to a single object in tier 2 storage that all participating servers share.

Note: Domino® DAOS tier 2 storage is available for Domino servers running on Windows and Linux platforms.