Ensuring DNS resolves in TCP protocols

When you register a new HCL Domino® server, you specify a common name for it. Within a Domino® hierarchical name, the common name is the portion before the leftmost slash. For example, in the name App01/East/Renovations, the common name is App01. The common name, not the hierarchical name, is the name that the Domino® server is known by in DNS.

Consider the DNS configuration, as well as the effect of other protocol name-resolver services, when you choose the format for the common name of the Domino® server.

Note that these procedures listed the Related topics apply only to servers handling communications between HCL Notes® and Domino® (NRPC services). If you administer servers that provide Internet services such as HTTP, SMTP, POP3, or LDAP, you can skip these topics, as these services use DNS directly.
Note: When you choose a common name for a Domino® server that uses DNS, use only the characters 0 through 9, A through Z, and the dash (-). Do not use spaces or underscores.
Note: The DNS names held in Notes® and Domino® are not case sensitive; Notes® workstations and Domino® servers always pass DNS names to DNS in lowercase.