Ensuring DNS resolves on Windows systems -- All TCP protocols

If an HCL Domino® server is a Microsoft Windows system, often two name services exist on the system -- NetBIOS over IP and DNS.

About this task

If you assign the same name to both the Domino® server and the system, client applications that use either the HCL Notes® Name Service or DNS can encounter name-space ghosting between the two names. If the NetBIOS record for a system's host name has already been found, the name resolving process ends and the DNS record for the Domino® server on that system is never found.

Note: For a Domino® server on Windows 2000, problems occur only if you enable name services for NetBIOS over IP in order to join an NT domain using Server Message Blocks (SMB). For example, for the Domino® server BosMail02/Renovations, the common name is BosMail02. You name the system NT-BosMail02. You create an A record in DNS for NT-BosMail02.renovations.com and a CNAME record for BosMail02.renovations.com, linking it with NT-BosMail02.renovations.com.

To prevent this problem, do the following:


  1. Add a preface such as W2K- to the system name, using the Network Identification tab on the System Properties dialog box.
  2. Create an A record (or, for IPv6, AAAA record) in DNS for the system name. The IP address is the same as the one for the Domino® server.
  3. Create a CNAME record in DNS for the Domino® server's name, linking it to the system name.