Changing a TCP or TLS port number

The following sections describe the TCP ports that HCL Domino® services use and provide guidelines should you ever need to change these ports.

Default port for NRPC

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By default, all NRPC connections use TCP port 1352. Because the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) assigned Domino® this port number, non-Domino applications do not usually compete for this port.

Do not change the default NRPC port unless:

  • You can use a NAT or PAT firewall system to redirect a remote system's connection attempt.
  • You are using Domino® port mapping.
  • You create a Connection document that contains the reassigned port number.


  • To change the default NRPC port number, use the NOTES.INI setting TCPIPportname_TCPIPAddress and enter a value available on the system that runs the Domino® server.
  • TCP ports with numbers less than 5000 are reserved for application vendors. You may use any number from 1024 through 5000, as long as you don't install a new application that requires that number.
  • When setting the NOTES.INI variables for port mapping, do not include a zone in a port mapped address. The zone is only valid locally.

Default ports for Internet services

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You may occasionally need to change the number of the TCP or TLS port assigned to an Internet service.


Domino® uses the default ports listed here.
Table 1. Default Ports for Internet Services


Default TCP port

Default TLS port



995 <nozeros>


143 <nozeros>

993 <nozeros>


389 <nozeros>

636 <nozeros>

SMTP inbound

25 <nozeros>

465 <nozeros>

SMTP outbound

25 <nozeros>

465 <nozeros>


80 <nozeros>

443 <nozeros>


63148 <nozeros>
Note: The default on Linux servers is 60148 because of an operating system restriction.

63149 <nozeros>

Server Controller