Completing the Global Configuration document

The Global Configuration document provides some default settings for backup and restore.


  1. Open the Backup database and click Edit Global Settings.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    Field Description
    Admin server Field is not implemented
    Backup database The database to store backup and log information, typically dominobackup.nsf. This setting is important for a distributed environment with a central configuration database.
    Restore database The database that stores restore requests, typically dominobackup.nsf.
    Default restore retention days The number of days after which a restored database is marked as expired.You can modify this value in the Main tab of backup configuration documents.
    Default restore folder The default server folder in which to restore databases. If not specified, databases are restored to their original location, but only if they were previously deleted. You can modify this value when you restore a database.
    Note: The restore path should be within the data directory. If a database is restored outside of the data directory, its DBIID used for transaction logging changes and the previous transaction logs become invalid and a new database backup is required.
    Default restore Notes folder The default folder to use if you restore documents into a separate folder in a user's original mail file, as specified by the Doc restore folder option that is available when restoring.
    Template server Field is not implemented.