Backup and restore

As of Domino 12, database backup and restore capability is integrated with Domino servers.

Backup and restore includes the following features:
  • File system backup to disk or network drive.
  • Support for circular transaction logging with full backup (Not yet documented)
  • Support for archive transaction logging and incremental backup. (Not yet documented)
  • Point in time restore leveraging transaction logs (Not yet documented)
  • Incremental backup in combination with archive-style transaction log. (Not yet documented)
  • Support for snapshot backup of file system: bring all databases into backup mode, take a snapshot, and back up the delta occurred during backup. (Not yet documented)
  • Flexible restore options that include the ability to: bring database on-line, point in time recovery, disable replication, change replica ID, change title, disable all agents
  • Recover documents and folders into the original database.
  • Integrated DAOS to restore missing NLOs leveraging an existing file backup. (Not yet documented.)
  • Integration with backup solution vendors. (Not yet documented).