Updall options

The Updall task manages database view indexes and full-text indexes.

You can use several methods of running the Updall task on a server.
  • From Task > Start tool in the Domino® Administrator. Use this method if you don't want to use command-line options.
  • Using the Load updall console command. Use this method if you are comfortable using command-line options or if you want to run Updall directly at the server console when there is no Domino® Administrator running on the server machine.
  • Program document that runs Updall. Use this method to schedule Updall to run at particular times.
  • Run Updall on a Win32 platform. Use this method if you are unable to run Updall at the server console. This method requires that you use the "n" prefix -- for example, nupdall - R.

When you use these methods, you can include options that control what Updall updates. For example, you can update all views and not update any full-text search indexes.

Note: You can run the Updall task on a server or you can use the dbmt tool that now includes the Updall task as well as other options instead of running Updall alone. See the related topics for more information.
Note: For information on using Updall to enable inline view indexing in databases, see Enabling and managing inline view indexing.