Option to run Updall as part of dbmt

You can let the database maintenance tool (dbmt) handle routine Updall tasks.

Updall performs the following tasks by default. These are also tasks that the database maintenance tools performs:
  • purges deletion stubs
  • expires soft deleted entries
  • updates unread lists
Because the database maintenance tool is meant to replace (and improve upon) running updall nightly, you can use the following option for updall to skip the tasks above, making updall faster when you run it for any one-time purpose.
When you run updall as part of dbmt, Domino® also ensures that the following views are built for databases with a template name of StdR7Mail, StdR8Mail, StdR85Mail, StdR9Mail, StdR10Mail:
  • $Inbox
  • $Drafts
  • $All
  • ($RepeatLookup)
  • ($ToDo)
  • ($Calendar)
  • ($Haiku_TOC)
  • ($Alarms)
  • ($iNotes)
  • ($Users)
  • ($iNotes_Contacts)
  • ($ThreadsEmbed)
After these views are built, they will not be discarded due to non-use.