Dynamic indexing of high-usage views

HCL Domino® can dynamically assign dedicated view indexing threads to views with content that is frequently updated. This feature keeps busy views up-to-date and enables them to be opened more quickly. You don't have to manually identify and manage view indexing for active views yourself.

About this task

When this feature is enabled, the Domino® server regularly monitors the level of update activity for all views in all open databases and assigns them an update activity score. The ten views with the highest score are designated as high usage views and are kept up-to-date by a set of dedicated view threads. The views that are designated as high usage can change as view update patterns change.

The benefits of this feature are greatest for views with frequent document updates but relatively infrequent view updates where performance tests measured a two-to three-fold improvement in response time.

End users notice this improvement when opening a view from Notes® and applications see a performance improvement on UpdateCollection calls.

Note: This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, change the value of the following setting in the server notes.ini file to 1: