Database design, management, and administration

The tasks involved with application design, database design, database management, and Domino® system administration may overlap, depending on the size of your organization and the structure of job responsibilities. In some organizations, an application developer may be responsible for both application and database design, while in others, a database manager may handle all database design and management tasks. In addition, database management overlaps with Domino® system administration.

Therefore, depending on your organization, make sure you work closely with the people who are responsible for design, management, and administration tasks. For example, controlling user access is primarily a Domino® system administrator's responsibility, yet the application developer may determine these access levels because they are often integral to the database design. If design changes are necessary after a database is in production, be sure to:

  • Work with the application developer or database designer to implement and coordinate design changes
  • Consider server resources and the connections between servers when putting databases on servers

For more information on designing or redesigning databases, see HCL Domino® Designer Help.