Deploying the "My Work" Welcome page for Notes®

Notes® client users can use the "My Work" Welcome page for Notes® as their Welcome page. The My Work page has three tabs which are divided into multiple panes for mail, calendar, To Do list, and other options that they choose to use.

You can deploy a "My Work" Welcome page for users by creating the My Work page using the desktop policy settings document. If you are deploying a My Work page for your users, as well as a custom Welcome page for users who choose to use that, use the advanced configuration. The advanced configuration adds an additional page to the Welcome Page wizard which contains the advanced options. Use advanced configuration if you want to lock specific items on the My Work page, lock the entire My Work page, or prevent users from adding Team tabs to the My Work page. If you are deploying only a "My Work" Welcome page, and you are not locking it to prevent users from editing the My Work page, you do not need to use the advanced configuration.

The My Work page option is available to users directly from the Welcome page, as well as from the Welcome Page wizard. They can set up their My Work page in a manner that best suits their individual work responsibilities. You cannot disable the My Work page, but you can deploy a My Work page and lock it so that users do not modify it. If the My Work page is not locked, users are able to modify it from their desktops. The "My Work" Welcome page is created with the template, BOOKMARK.NTF.