Configuring iCalendars

Use the AddCalendarURL setting to push Google calendars, Notes® application calendars, or icalendar feeds to IBM Notes® clients. If Notes users overlay ical-based calendars and the calendar content changes frequently, use the notes.ini setting FeedRefreshInterval to set an interval at which the calendars are automatically refreshed.


Add either or both of the following notes.ini settings to a Desktop Settings policy document to push the settings to clients.
Table 1. notes.ini settings for ical calendar feed
Setting Description

Adds a Google calendar, Notes® application calendar, or icalendar feed to overlay on Notes® clients.

When users open their calendars for the first time after the setting is pushed to their clients, the appropriate Add a calendar dialog opens with this URL filled in. Users complete the remainder of the options in the dialog and click OK to save.

FeedRefreshInterval An ical feed refresh interval in seconds. Without the setting, the interval is 3600 seconds (one hour). Applies to icalendars.

Users must also select the option Refresh this calendar frequently (Use only for calendars that change often).


Example: adding a Google calendar URL:
Example: adding an icalendar feed URL:
Example: adding a Notes application calendar URL:
notes://<server name>/<db name>