Customizing mail quota warning text using a desktop policy

You can use a NOTES.INI setting to specify the URL or text that will appear when a IBM® Notes® user's mail file size exceeds the mail quota threshold or the maximum mail quota size.

About this task

You can specify a URL or the actual text to display. You can place instructions for reducing the size of the user's mail file in the location accessible by the URL. When the URL displays, the Notes® user can click on the URL to see the information that you placed there. If you specify text, the actual text that you entered displays to the Notes® user.


  1. From the IBM® Domino® Administrator, open the Desktop Settings document.
  2. Click the Custom Settings > Notes.ini tab.
  3. Click Edit list.
  4. Complete these fields:
    • Item -- Specify QUOTAWARNINGTEXT
    • Value -- Specify text or any of these types of URLs that the Notes® user can click to open and obtain instructions on how to reduce the size of their mail file. Note that the string \n can be used to represent a new line. The backslash character (\) is an Esc character. Two successive backslash characters (\\) are treated as one.
      • http://
      • https://
      • notes://
      • file://
    • Enforce -- Click this check box if you are enforcing the policy setting. If you enforce the policy, it overrides settings that have precedence over this setting including those assigned through an Explicit policy.
  5. Click Add/Modify Value. The following NOTES.INI setting appears:
  6. Click OK.