Retaining MIME formatting when forwarding or replying to internet messages

Administrators can push the notes.ini setting KeepReplyForwardMime=1 to Notes standard clients. This setting retains MIME message formatting when users reply to or forward messages received from the internet. Without this setting, MIME messages are converted to Notes Rich Text which can cause some MIME formatting to be lost.

About this task

When this setting is enabled and users respond to or forward messages from the internet, the Notes embedded browser is used to display the original messages with MIME fidelity. Users can't edit the original messages, but they can copy information from them and paste it into their responses.

This setting is not available in the Notes basic client.


To retain MIME formatting:
  • Upgrade mail files to at least the mail9.ntf template version provided with Notes and Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8.
  • Add the notes.ini setting KeepReplyForwardMime=1 to Notes standard clients. For convenience, push it through a Desktop Settings policy.
  • Verify that MIME mail is enabled for the embedded browser; it is enabled by default in Notes 9:
    1. From the Notes client, click File > Preferences
    2. Click Basic Notes Client Configuration
    3. In Additional options, verify that the following setting is not selected: Disable embedded browser for MIME mail.