Extending policy settings to IBM iNotes® and Notes® profile documents

You can customize the mail policy settings document and push new or customized settings to the profile document specified in the $Profiles field.

About this task

The mail policy settings document includes the field $Profiles, which contains a list of pairs. Each pair is comprised of a prefix and a profile document name delimited by a colon. For example, $DWA:inotesprofile indicates that any field with the prefix $DWA will be pushed to the iNotes® profile document for any user to whom that mail policy setting document applies.

The IBM iNotes® profile document also contains the field $FieldsSetByPolicy, which indicates the fields that have been modified by applying a policy and not by a user action.

There is no change to the way the mail policy settings document is applied to users.

To view an example, from Domino® Designer open the form Policy Settings\Mail Settings and then the subform $DWAMailPolicy. Open the $Profiles field:Default Value, you will see the pair


where $DWA is the prefix and inotesprofile is the profile document. In this example, the prefix and profile pair indicate that all fields on the policy settings document with the prefix $DWA get pushed to the inotesprofile document for the user, and all fields with the prefix $DOLS get pushed to the dolsofflineconfiguration document for the user.

For an example of an individual setting that is pushed to users, open Domino® Designer and look at any field on the iNotes tab(s) of the mail policy settings document. All fields begin with a prefix of either $DWA or $DOLS. Any field on the mail policy settings document that has a corresponding $UP field and does not have a $DWA or $DOLS prefix will be pushed to the users' calendar profile document by default.

Note: The $DWA and$DOLS fields require a $UP field to specify how and when the setting should be pushed down, just as all of the other fields do.