Enabling the mail usage indicator in iNotes®

To enable a mail file usage indicator so that IBM® iNotes® users can view the percentage of their mail file that is in use, set a database quota.

About this task

You can set the quota when you register users or by using a registration policy settings document. In either case, complete these fields on the Advanced options > Mail tab:

  • Set database quota -- Click to enable, and then specify a size limit (maximum of 10GB) for a user's mail database.
  • Set warning threshold -- Click to generate a warning when the user's mail file reaches a certain size, and then enter the warning size (maximum of 10GB).

By default, users cannot send mail when their mail file quota has been reached, even if they have their mail preferences set to send messages only, rather than send and save. To change this behavior so that users can send, but not save, a message after their quota is met, add the setting iNotes_wa_Ignore_Quota=1 to the mail server's notes.ini file.