Creating a URL for an iNotes® portal

You can provide a Web portal that shows one or several views of IBM® iNotes®.

About this task

A portal is a Web site that aggregates information from a variety of sources onto one page. You can provide a Web portal showing only one view of iNotes®, or one showing several views. iNotes® supports special URLs that allow a particular functional area, such as calendar, to be displayed within an IFRAME, or a full browser window. This view takes up very little screen space and limits access to other functional areas.

An individual iNotes® portal view is limited to one of these functional areas:

  • Inbox
  • Calendar
  • To Do List
  • Notebook
  • Contact List

The URL syntax for an iNotes® portal showing just the mail Inbox is, for example:


To place all of iNotes® within a portal page, use the normal iNotes® URL without the &ui=portal parameter.

Note: Use the notes.ini file setting iNotes_WA_PortalOffline to specify offline and local archive options in a portal.