Installing and setting up iNotes®

When you install the IBM® Domino® server, all the infrastructure is put in place for IBM® iNotes®. During the server setup process of the Domino® server installation process, be sure to choose Web Browsers (HTTP Web services) to enable iNotes® features and functionality and register users with the Mail (R85) (MAIL85.NTF) mail template.

If you want to give users the ability to work offline, also choose Domino® Off-Line Services (DOLS) during installation although DOLS is not required to run iNotes®. You can upgrade a server running the latest maintenance release of a shipped version of Domino®. If you upgrade, be sure to manually refresh the design of the Domino® Directory.

Domino® administrators can use administrative policies to set or to enforce mail and security settings for iNotes® users. In addition, any existing policies assigned to iNotes® users prior to this release are enforced. To create and assign policy settings to an iNotes® user requires both policy settings documents and a policy document.

In a policy settings document, you determine a set of defaults that you want to assign to users. These settings can either lock down certain preferences or enforce administrative settings. A policy document points to the specific settings documents you have created. You use a policy document to assign the policy settings to one or more groups of users.