Upgrading a containerized Domino Leap server

Before you begin

This procedure assumes you are running a containerized Domino Leap server based on a previous version of the volt-docker image. Before you upgrade, load the new Domino Leap image as described in Loading the Domino Leap tar archive file to Docker.

About this task

To upgrade a containerized Domino Leap server, stop and delete the container for the current Domino Leap version and create a new container with the new container image and the existing data volume.


  1. Stop the existing Domino Leap container: docker stop <container>
    For example: docker stop volt.
  2. Remove the existing Domino container: docker rm <container>

    For example: docker rm volt.

  3. Determine the name of the new dleap-container image (required for the next step). From the Docker terminal window, issue the following command to list the names of the Docker images on your system:
    docker image ls
  4. Create a new Domino Leap container using the new image and the existing data volume.
    docker run -d --name leap-1.1 -v notesdata:/local/notesdata --hostname docker.renovations.com \
        --cap-add=SYS_PTRACE -p 1352:1352 -p 443:443 -p 80:80 dleap-container:V1202- 
  5. Stop and restart container:
    docker stop <container>
    docker start <container>
    For example:
    docker stop leap-1.1
    docker start leap-1.1