Deploying a sample Domino Leap server on Docker

The sample Domino Leap 1.1 server (Dleap/Renovations) is pre-configured for Leap 1.1.

The names.nsf for DLeap/Renovations includes four person records. Each person is designated as a Domino Leap author and has the ability to create, edit, deploy, and use Domino Leap applications. The Admin user is also the server administrator.

The following are the four personas:
  • Admin/Renovations
  • Ted Amado/Renovations
  • Samantha Daryn/Renovations
  • Betty Zechman/Renovations
The password for each persona is "passw0rd". You can log in to a Domino Leap web page using any of the common names listed above.

Once deployed, launch a browser and navigate to the Domino Leap 1.1 Manager page uisng the following URL:

Sample Domino Leap 1.1 applications can be downloaded from the Domino Leap 1.1 wiki.

The following are prerequisites to deploying a sample Domino Leap server on Docker: