Creating navigation

Every application needs to include a way to navigate from one place to another. You add navigation to an application using:

  • Outlines
  • Navigators

When you create a new database from a blank template, Domino® Designer provides a default navigation structure called the Folder pane (sometimes called the Navigation pane). The Folder pane displays all the shared views and folders in the database. It displays on the left pane of the Notes® client and at the beginning of a browser window. You can choose to use this navigation structure or design a different one.


You can create an outline to customize the Folder pane of an application. An outline is the skeleton of your application: each outline entry represents a key piece of the application. An outline can include background graphics, custom icons, links, or actions. When the outline is embedded on a page or form, users can click on the outline entries, which take them where you want them to go. The process of creating a navigation structure with an outline involves three steps:

  • Create a new or default outline and create an outline entry for each piece of the application you want to include in the navigation structure or site map.
  • Embed your outline on a form or page.
  • Format the display of the embedded outline. You can put the page or form in which the outline is embedded into a frameset if you choose.

You can also use an outline to plan your application before you create any design elements.

An outline can not be used as a component in a composite application, but an outline embedded in a frameset can be used as a component, when the frameset is used as a component.

For more information, see Designing Outlines.


Navigators are graphical road maps that direct users to specific parts of a database. They let users find documents or take actions without having to open views. Navigators are like image maps. You can create hotspots on a graphic that take the users to links within or outside of your application. You can embed navigators on forms or pages. Navigators can take the place of the folder pane or work in conjunction with it.

Navigators can be used as components in composite applications.

For more information, see Designing Navigators.