Creating a database

There are three ways to create a database:

  • Using a template.

    The fastest way to create a database is to use one of the Domino® templates included with Domino® Designer. Domino® Designer includes templates for creating a variety of applications. Applications created using one of the Domino® Designer templates can be used as is or customized.

    To decide if there is a template that is correct for you, see the Table of Domino® Designer templates.

  • Copying an existing database.

    If you have access to a database that already has all the elements you are looking for, you can copy the design and create a new database with the same features. Once you have created the database, you can customize it to meet your company's needs.

  • Building your own.

    If you need to create a unique database, build your own. Choose File - Application - New from the Domino® Designer menu. Name the database, select Blank from the template list, and click OK. This creates an empty database in which you can create your own design elements.