Starting Domino® Designer

There are three ways to start Domino® Designer from the Notes® client:

  • From the Bookmark bar
  • From a database
  • From the command line

To start Domino® Designer in the Notes® client

  • Click Open - Domino® Designer.
    Note: If you do not see the Domino® Designer icon, Domino® Designer may not be installed on your system.

    The Domino® Designer Welcome page displays, with Getting Started and What's New information.

  • Close the Welcome page or click Start Using Domino® Designer to display the main Domino® Designer user interface, with the Home page in the middle pane.

From the Domino® Designer Home page you can open an existing database or create a new one. When you open a database, either a new or existing one, the Domino® Designer Work pane displays.

To start Domino® Designer from a database in the Notes® client

If you already have a database to work with, you can start Domino® Designer directly from that database. You must have Designer or Manager access to the database in the ACL.

  1. Open the database.
  2. Choose View - Design.
Tip: You can also right-click the database icon on the Bookmark bar and select Open in Designer from the list.

To start Domino® Designer from the command line

Note: You can only use this method if you have already opened Designer and know the Replica ID of a database and Note ID of a document in that database. Also, the user whose Notes® ID is used when Notes® is launched must have at least Designer access to the database.

You can open a specific database in Domino® Designer by entering its Replica ID and a Note ID in the command line.

  1. From the MS-DOS prompt, switch to the Notes® directory.
  2. Enter either:
    • designer Notes®:///Rep_id/Note_id (for a local database)
    • designer Notes®://Server_Name/Rep_id/Note_id (for a hosted database)

    where Rep_id is the Replica ID of the database(do not include the colon), Note_id is the Note ID of a document in that database(include only the characters that follow the NT and the series of zeros that make up the ID), and Server_Name is the name of the server/database as it appears in the Applications Navigator, with the server name, followed by a slash, then the database name.

From Designer, you can find a database's Replica ID by opening the Database Properties box. The Replica ID, which is a series of numbers and letters, for example, 85256BE5:0051F014, is listed on the Info tab. From Notes®, you can find the Note ID for a document by opening the Document Properties box. The Note ID, which is a series of numbers and letters following the letters NT, for example, NT000002AA, is listed on the Document IDs tab. Given these Replica and Note IDs, you could open this database if it was local by entering:

designer Notes:///85256BE50051F014/2AA

To open this database (named customer.nsf) hosted by the Casco/Bay server, enter:

designer Notes://Casco/customer.nsf/85256BE50051F014/2AA