Extending access to applications

Domino® applications are easily accessible to outside tools both during the design process and after application completion and deployment.

With Domino® Designer, you can:

Using WebDAV for remote development

WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a technology that allows users with Designer access to a database to work with file-based design elements such as HTML pages, images and style sheets, using WebDAV-enabled development tools on the Web.

By making Domino® WebDAV compliant, the methods you can use to enhance file-based design elements are extended. Domino® Designer lets you decide which tools to use to develop your applications.

For more information, see Editing and managing database resources using a WebDAV client.

Accessing external data sources from a field

With Designer, you can use data connection resources to set up a connection between a field in an NSF database document to a field in an external data source. The external data source can be a relational or transactional database, which means you can now access enterprise data using a Notes® application.

For more information, see Creating a Database Connection Resource.

Bringing an application off-line

Web applications can be available to off-line browser users thanks to Domino® Off-Line Services (DOLS). DOLS enables a user to take a Domino® Web application off-line, make changes or additions, and then synchronize the off-line replica of the application with the original. The user does not even have to have Notes® since the application can be accessed via a Web browser. This capability greatly increases the ways in which an application's audience can access it.

Instant messaging colleagues

The IBM® Sametime® product is a powerful tool for enabling real-time communication between team members. With Domino® Designer, you can integrate Sametime® into your Domino® applications.

For more information, see Adding instant messaging to an application.

Incorporate Notes® components in composite applications

The capability to create and edit composite applications enables you to easily integrate different types of components and technologies. With Domino® Designer 8, you can create Notes® components to integrate with other Notes® components, Eclipse based components, and portlets in context as part of one user experience.

For more information, refer to the IBM® Composite Application wiki at http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/compappwiki.nsf.