setEnvironmentVar (Session - Java)

Sets the value of a string or numeric environment variable.

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public void setEnvironmentVar(String vname, Object value)
    throws NotesException
public void setEnvironmentVar(String vname, Object value, boolean issystem)
    throws NotesException


String vname

The name of the environment variable to set.

Object value

The value of the environment variable. Date values are converted to strings.

boolean issystem

If true, no dollar sign character ("$") is prepended to the variable name. If false or omitted, a dollar sign is prepended.


If an environment variable called vname already exists, it is assigned the new value. Otherwise, a new environment variable is added to the NOTES.INI (or Notes® Preferences) file.

SetEnvironmentVar prepends a dollar sign character ("$") to the name before setting the value of the environment variable, unless you specify issystem as true or have already included a "$" as the first character of the name. When you examine the environment variable in the NOTES.INI (or Notes® Preferences) file, you see the "$" character. When retrieving environment variables with the getEnvironmentString or getEnvironmentValue methods, you have the option of including or omitting the "$" from the variable name.

The environment variable is set in the notes.ini file for the current session.