resetUserPassword (Session - Java)

Use an agent to change the password of a user ID stored in the ID vault and/or specify the number of times a user ID can be downloaded from the vault after a password reset or ID recovery.

Note: This method is new with Release 8.5.

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public void resetUserPassword(String servername, String username, String password[, Int downloadcount])
    throws NotesException


String servername

Canonical name of the server or servers to execute the agent. or NULL if the agent containing this method is executed on the local server. The server does not have to be a vault server. The server must be running Domino® 8.5 or later.

String username

Name of user, in canonical format, whose IDpassword or download count will be set.

String password

New password for username's ID. This parameter can be an empty string if download count is being changed.

Int downloadcount

Optional. If this user's effective policy setting document has "Allow automatic ID downloads" set to "No", then this parameter specifies how many downloads the user can now perform. If "Allow automatic ID downloads" set to "Yes" this setting should be zero or omitted.


This method is only supported on the server. If you needed to invoke this method from the Notes® Client, use RunOnServer method to invoke another agent containing method ResetUserPassword.

This method is only supported in agents.

The signer of the agent has to be an authorized password resetter, as does the server or servers on which the agent runs. To designated password resetters use Administration client tools "Create Id Vault" or "Manage Id Vault." For more information, see Domino® Administrator Help. In addition the agent signer has to have rights to run agents specified in the Programmability Section of the Security section in Domino® Directory.

The server where this agent runs should have good physical and network security. It is recommended that users are not given rights to run unrestricted methods and operations on the server in 'programmability' section of Security Tab in the Server Document. In addition all server addins should be examined for potential misuse of the server's Password Reset certificate.