IsTrustedSession (Session - Java)

Read-only. Indicates whether the session is a trusted session.

Note: This property is new with Release 8.0.1.

Defined in


Data type



public boolean isTrustedSession()
    throws NotesException

Legal values

  • true if the session is a trusted session
  • false (default) if the session is not a trusted session


This property is only True for Local Java language bindings.

This property can only be set to True by non-Agent applications resident on a server, using the NotesFactory createTrustedSession method. These applications include server addins, servlets, and freestanding Java applications. If the method is called from an Agent, an error will be thrown.

This property has no effect on databases residing on the local server.

Applications running on a server installation that need to access databases on a remote server must have either a Trusted Server relationship, or a Trusted Session. The userID authority that the application is running under must be accounted for in the ACL of the remote database. That userID is often the serverID.