getSessionToken (Session - Java)

Gets a session token for enabling sign-on to Domino® and WebSphere® servers in a domain that supports Single Sign-on.

Note: This method is new with Release 5.0.5.

Defined in


Data type



public String getSessionToken()
    throws NotesException
public String getSessionToken(String serverName)
    throws NotesException


String serverName

The name of a server configured for Single Sign-on. If the server name is not specified, the code must execute on a server configured for Single Sign-on.

Return value


The session token.


The token is unique for each user and is valid for the time specified in the Domino® Directory. The format of the token is consistent with the LtpaToken cookie used by a WebSphere® server when the SSO configuration of the Domino® server imports the Websphere server keys.

You can also get the token from the HTTP headers in a servlet with HttpServletRequest.getCookies().

See NotesFactory for usage and examples.