getEntry (Replication - Java)

Creates or gets a replication entry.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.5.

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public ReplicationEntry getEntry(String source, String destination)
    throws NotesException
public ReplicationEntry getEntry(String source, String destination, boolean createflag)
    throws NotesException


String source

Name of the source server ("Receives from").

String destination

Name of the destination server ("When computer").

boolean createflag
  • true to create a new entry if the entry does not exist
  • false (default) to return null if the entry does not exist

Return value


The replication entry if it exists or the create flag is true, or null.


A replication entry describes the replication settings for a pair of servers, of which one is the source and the other is the destination.

The source and destination names serve as strings to identify the replication entry and must be specified exactly as they appear. A hyphen (-) means any server.

Creating an entry for a new destination where the source is not any server results in the creation of an additional entry for that destination whose source is any server.

After calling this method, you must call save for the changes to take effect. If you do not call save, your changes are lost.

For more information and examples, see ReplicationEntry.