EmbeddedObjects (Document - Java)

Read-only. The OLE/2 and OLE/1 embedded objects in a document.

Note: Embedded objects and object links are not supported for UNIX and the Macintosh. File attachments are.

Defined in


Data type

java.util.Vector; elements are EmbeddedObject


public java.util.Vector getEmbeddedObjects()
    throws NotesException


Unlike the EmbeddedObjects property in RichTextItem, this property does not include file attachments, nor OLE/1 objects created in Notes® Release 3.

This property does include OLE/2 and OLE/1 objects created in Release 4 and higher. It also includes objects in the document that were originally embedded in the document's form. Such objects must have been activated, modified, and re-saved in order to be returned by this property (otherwise they remain a part of the form, not the document).

The vector is empty if the document contains no embedded objects.