addDominoQuery (QueryResultsProcessor - Java)

Executes and adds the output set of documents from a DominoQuery to those included in QueryResultsProcessor instance. All DominoQuery parameters remain in force for the DQL query execution.

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public void addDominoQuery(lotus.domino.DominoQuery query, String querystring, String referencename)
    throws NotesException


lotus.domino.DominoQuery query

A created and ready-to-execute DominoQuery class instance. See the documentation for DominoQuery for details on its parameters.

String querystring

The DQL query to be executed. It can include substitution variables and all legal DQL syntax.

String referencename

A unique name (to the QueryResultsProcessor instance) of the input set of documents. This name is used in returned entries when the origin of results is desired and in addFormula method calls to override the data used to create sorted column values.


QueryResultsProcessor qrp = dbb.createQueryResultsProcessor ();
DominoQuery dq = dbb.createDominoQuery();
qrp.addDominoQuery(dq, “sales_person = ‘Trudi Ayton’”, ‘coll2’);