accept (NotesCalendarEntry - Java)

Accepts a meeting entry or entries.

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void NotesCalendarEntry.accept(String comments)
	throws NotesException
void NotesCalendarEntry.accept(String comments, int scope, String recurid)
	throws NotesException
Parameter Description
comments Comments regarding a meeting change.
scope The scope of a recurring operation:
  • CS_RANGE_REPEAT_FUTURE (3), inclusive
  • CS_RANGE_REPEAT_PREV (2), inclusive
recurid The recurrence identifier (RECURRENCE-ID item) for a recurring calendar event. The format of a recurrence identifier is a time in UTC format, for example, 20120913T160000Z.
Possible exception Value Text Description
NotesError.NOTES_ERR_INVALIDID 4757 Invalid ID The identifier for the NotesCalendarEntry object is not valid.
NotesError.NOTES_ERR_RECURID_NOTFOUND 4808 Recurrence-ID not found The recurrence identifier for the NotesCalendarEntryobject is not valid.
NotesError.NOTES_ERR_IDNOTFOUND 4814 Identifier not found The recurrence identifier for the NotesCalendarEntry object does not identify an entry in the calendar, or the scope and recurid are missing for a recurring entry.


This method deals with meeting entries, not notices.